Our Business

Main Business Activities

  • Research, development, manufacturing, manufacturing-support, sales and export of Marching Memory MM under its sublicensing
  • Research, development, manufacturing, sales and export-import of applications software with the use of MMs
  • Development of IT and IT services centering on MM
  • IT consulting
  • Construction of IT communication networks
  • Education and training of advanced IT engineers
  • Acquisition, sale, purchase, lease, licensing and its agency in other patent rights, utility model patents, design rights, and trademark rights

Among these business activities, our currently engaged areas are as follows. What is notable here is that Dimarcia has been licensed MM Patent by its inventors, Prof. Nakamura and Prof. Flynn, and therefore, we are authorized to manufacture MM and also to sub-license MM Patent to other semiconductor manufacturers or MM user companies for applications. All of our business activities are based on MM Patent License.

Manufacturing-support of MM

Dimarcia has conducted studies on the practical use of MM, and has had regular technical meetings with computer makers and semiconductor manufactures on the production of MM to be embedded into supercomputers.
Also, we have discussed the use of MM for other devices such as optical equipment with related manufacturers. In the near future, we are going to proceed with plans to embed MM into mobile terminals such as smart phones.

IT Consulting

Today, a computer is used in all aspects of our society. The range in application of MM includes information and communication equipment, home electric appliances, automobiles, aircrafts, large-sized and heavy electric machineries etc. Dimarcia provides IT consulting for the development of MM-related applications to companies in all applicable areas.

Other Activities

Dimarcia offers patent maintenance and support services. We also provide IT-related services and technical education targeting young people.