The new-generation Marching Memory (MM) provided by Dimarcia can make everyday life more convenient, safer and more ecological with its incredible performance. We believe that our business of producing and promoting MM to create a better society is itself a “CSR” activity.

Realization of a More Affluent Life

MM can be embedded into all computer-based electric devices and social infrastructures in all fields, and with its overwhelming performance, not only does it significantly enhance the convenience and the safety of these devices and systems, but it also revolutionizes a way of communication by collaborating with communication sectors. With the help of MM, we seek to contribute to the creation of a truly affluent society in which people can feel a closer connection with their loved ones and live without anxiety.

Environmental Efforts

We believe that MM, with its energy-saving nature, can also contribute to realize a more ecological society. We engage in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and to prevent global warming by promoting MM to the world and maintaining stable business management.

Cultivation of Human Resources

In order to spread MM throughout the world, it is essential that we cultivate world-class human resources. Our primary focus of human resource development is to encourage our staff “to take a decision”, “to take an action” and “to respect each other’s value and culture”. Not only do we cultivate our human resources, but we also aim to help in education of a younger generation who will become a member of society in the near future. As part of such efforts, we seek to nurture internationally-minded young people through exchanges with students, working cooperatively with Prof. Nakamura who invented MM.

In February 2012, Dimarcia held a lecture meeting at the University of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka.

MM inventor Prof. Nakamura and our director Mr. Tohru Ohta who have been globally active in many years delivered special lectures on “what is a true internationally-minded person”, and after that they exchanged opinions with the participant students.

*Refer to “About the inventor” for Prof. Nakamura’s biography.

Tohru OHTA
  • Graduated from Department of Electric Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
  • Served in various posts including:
  • Executive vice president of KDD (now KDDI)
  • Chairman of KDD Submarine Cable System Inc,
  • Chairman of KDD Technology Corporation
  • Administrative director of International Communication Foundation.
  • Contributed to the globalization of Japan through various activities including the participation in the Telecommunication Standardization Meetings held by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).